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=stand still stay silent=

Stand Still, Stay Silent - is a comic written and illustrated by Minna Sundberg and was recommended to me by a friend.
She showed me the the map of this post-apocalypse world - and I was instantly hooked...

I can't praise it enough - I loved it to pieces and gulped down entire existing body of work (760+ pages and counting) in one evening.

I love the detailed world, slow reveal of information, nuanced characters, artwork to die for.
This is a story of a quest into the Silent World, full of monsters out of the deepest levels of your own personal hell, undertaken by "poorly funded and terribly unqualified crew, but a crew nonetheless".


I saw this chapter cover - and knew, that no force will force me to abandon my reading 'till I catch up:

The Dalahästen train.

This world is cold, winter days are short and nights are full of monsters... but it's so cozy somehow.

There is magic and spirit world is not just below the surface.
Dreamscapes are breathtaking:

Will buy a book.
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