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=365:2016 | December=

NationalGeographic space photo exhibition with an uplifting message for mankind. For #365days project, 365/365 #fuckyeah #ididitagain

Finally, my #NY presents start to arrive: two #Milim dolls will keep me inspired to continue sewing during impending "long winter evenings", for #365days project, 336/365Went to #IKEA to assist a friend - came back a changed man.. My eyes are opened to unlimited possibilities of NY decorations as a modern art form. For #365days project, 337/365
Another cloth-body doll to take care of: #RoyalDolls #Gooch, 1972. First stage cleaning is done. For #365days project, 338/365.Public after concert, for #365days project, 339/365
#Milim doll from my collection: "Dina" mold, for #365days project 340/365His side of the bed, Roger, cat in residence, for #365days project, 341/365
Colormatched #VanDerSpek #planner to one of my favourite colours (I already own a #yellow planner), shot on arrival for #365days project, 342/365Practice maketh perfect - discovered sudden calming effect of sewing doll pants and jeans, for #365days project, 343/365.
Old joke, for #365days project, 344/365Catching last rays of sunshine, for #365days project, 345/365
How to get to lecture hall? Find #Buddha, turn right and ascend to 5th floor. For #365days project, 346/365Playful mood, for #365days project, 347/365
In most unlikely of places.. For #365days project, 348/365Shots like this give all doll enthusiasts a bad name.. for #365days project, 349/365
Thinking about adopting #Crowley method of homeplants growth stimulation.. ungrateful potted scum dares to shed leaves on me! For #365days project, 350/365Having an old friend for dinner.. (have #Hannibal will use him), for #365days project, 351/365
Nighttime lights, for #365days project, 352/365Peaceful cat is a sight to behold, Roger, cat in residence, for #365days project, 353/365.
Overcrowded genie lamp, #Bratz for #365days project, 354/365Мария, #Milim #doll, caramel skintone and luscious lips, for #365days project, 355/365, 10 days to go..
Eye palette, for #365days project, 356/365Doll trousseau inspection with Roger assistance, for #365days project, 357/365
Night view, for #365days project, 358/365She was supposed to spend NY holidays with us: suddenly Jemma is afraid of me and Roger, the #cat in residence. Keeps hissing, growling, wailing and showing teeth to our joint surprise. Right now she's hiding under my bed, if I were to judge by the sounds
Standoff, for #365days project, 360/365Upcoming train with my "presents courier", for #365days project, 361/365
Boosting my not so festive mood: plan to use my #papercraft skills to add more decorations. For #365days project, 362/365During pre-NY clean-up you find all sorts of things.. forgotten sketchpad with black pages, fingerpainted views of Saturn rings. For #365days project, 363/365
Best #presents are books, but mine are a curious mix. For #365days project, 364/365Photo to round-up year 2016 for photo project: #365days + 1, Roger, cat in residence, posing for me.
NationalGeographic space photo exhibition with an uplifting message for mankind. For #365days project, 365/365 #fuckyeah #ididitagain

2016 is done for.
I'll be up to repeat the experience in a few years.
Tags: 365 project, photo-a-day

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