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=365:2016 | October=

Девы в перьях. Annual #ASUS event highlight for #365days projects, 294/365

After the storm, for #365days project, 275/365Let's start a boy band: got a pretty one already. #Bratz Cameron from Tokyo a Go Go '2004. For #365days project, 276/365
Летающая тварь и туман, for #365days project, 277/365Норный зверь, for #365days project, 278/365
Stash of doll hair.. for #365days project, 379/365Did some location scouting for work, quick shot of limited artistic quality for #365days project, 280/365
Reading nook for thousands of people, for #365days project, 281/365, St.Petersburg metroIncreasing our knowledge about scythians, for #365days project, 282/365
Much on my mind, did a #GTD-adviced brain-dump to clear-up my head. For #365days project, 283/365Kitty sanctuary during busy day with many phone calls, for #365days project, 284/365
Signal of solitude, for #365days project, 285/365, #backlogShadow times have started, for #365days project, 287/365
Witnessed the event, for #365days project, 288/365After lecture, city center St.Petersburg, for #365days project, 289/365
Through the bushes of rogue geranium, for #365days project, 290/365Bright spot: Roger, the cat in residence, busy shedding his hair all over freshly vacuumed carpet. For #365days project, 291/365
Shinning eyes, lightly customized #Pull up #doll #Amarri portrait for #365days project, 292/365Waiting for last southbound train, for #365days project, 293/365
Девы в перьях. Annual #ASUS event highlight for #365days projects, 294/365Busy Lizzie, for #365days project, 295/365
После курса лекций о скифах и их искусстве всюду видится Сцена Терзания, for #365days project, 296/365Hunt for red mouse, for #365days project, 298/365
Sad sad day, for #365days project, 299/365Color-coding? For #365days project, 300/365.
Truly a long and winding road among puddles, for #365days project, 301/365Превед, медвед. Я волнуюсь за Игоря Шпиленка.. #365days project backlog, 302/365
Washed out colors of autumn, #365days project backlog, 303/365Tabletop games, did good amount of damage to ancient horrors with a shotgun. #365days project, 304/365
"Ommmmm" - #Sherlock pillow I got from a friend. For #365days project, 305/365, #kuzzzmahomesweethome
Tags: 365 project, photo-a-day

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