free floating astronaut (kuzzzma) wrote,
free floating astronaut

=Nearly the perfect moment=

I have a collection of sorts.

I collect moments of wonder.
Nearly perfect moments.

That's why i listen to music.
That's why i watch movies.
That's why i read books.

Anywhere there might be a magic waiting to spark.
There could be a verse, a sentence, an intonation, a look, a movement, few bars of music.
But it will be enough, because at that moment everything just clicks together.
It becomes not necessary REAL, but RIGHT.

Sometimes you recognise it this instant.
Sometimes you can register it after several times of seeing and be left wondering just how you could be so blind before.
But then, maybe this magic was waiting, just as patiently, for a nearly perfect moment to happen?

You may encounter it in some cheap C-movie,
(i even got one in Avatar (definitely not cheap, but quite dull to my liking)
friend of yours stumbles upon a song while listening to some web-station, and collection grows.

2 seconds per song
2 minutes per movie
2 hours per love affair
2 days per life.

/post dug out from "private"

Tags: about, flashes, movies, music
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